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Administrative and Public Procurement Law

The Law Firm of
Attorney Oren Shabat  practices Administrative and Public Procurement Law. The practice includes, inter alia, the representation of clients in all aspects of their commercial and other dealings with Government Offices, Local Authorities and other Public entities. The Law Firm also provides consultation and representation in connection with Public Procurement  Law disputes, with great success. In this respect, it is to be mentioned that one of the most prominent precedents in the field of Israeli Public Procurement Law  was obtained in a famous Supreme Court judgment, whereby Attorney Shabat was representing his client. The Court approved an Appeal presented by Shabat, thus creating an important new precedent in Public Procurement Law. Attorney Oren Shabat also has a successful record and experience in the filing of Administrative Petitions and Appeals, as well as litigating against Public entities before Administrative Courts.

The Law Firm's practice in the field of Administrative and Public Procurement Law includes:

  • Consultation and representation in the field of Administrative Law
  • Consultation and representation in the field of Public Procurement Law
  • Representation in hearing procedures, before Public entities and Officials
  • Assistance in the preparation of offerings for Public Procurement procedures
  • Handling of negotiations with Public entities
  • Filing of Administrative Petitions and Appeals
  • Litigation before Administrative Courts and the Supreme Court of Israel

In order to contact our Law Firm, to discuss the need for consultation or professional representation, please feel free to contact us at: Telephone number +972(9)9543895 or by Fax number +972(9)9545033. You may also send us an email at: office@shabat-law.co.il.

To obtain more information about our main areas of practice please click here:
Inheritance and Wills Law, Civil-Commercial Law, Administrative and Public Procurement Law.

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