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Inheritance & Wills Law

Attorney Oren Shabat possesses a unique expertise, as well as extensive experience in the field of Inheritance & Wills Law. Attorney Shabat's experience includes, inter alia, the handling of probate litigation, drafting of complex wills, presentation of legal opinions to the foreign Courts and consultations regarding all aspects of Inheritance & Wills Law.

Attorney Oren Shabat is also a co-author of the book “Inheritance – Future Inheritance Transactions and Mutual Wills" (2006), published by the well known Israeli Law Books Publisher Perlstein-Genosar. Shabat’s law book on Inheritance Law was purchased by the Administration of Courts of the State of Israel, by leading Israeli Law Firms and various Government Offices. It was also purchased by all of the Law and University Libraries in Israel and is quoted in judgments of the Family Courts, District Courts and the Supreme Court of Israel.

The services that the Law Firm provides in the field of Inheritace & Wills Law, include:

    * The drafting of wills and Mutual Wills
    * Consultation regarding amendments or changes to existing wills
    * Filing of requests for probates
    * Estate administration
    * Filing of challenges/contests to wills
    * Representation of clients (plaintiffs and defendants) in all will disputes
    * Providing legal opinions to the foreign Courts

In order to contact our Law Firm, to discuss the need for consultation or professional representation, please feel free to contact us at: Telephone number +972(9)9543895 or by Fax number +972(9)9545033. You may also send us an email at: office@shabat-law.co.il.

To obtain more information about our main areas of practice please click here: Inheritance and Wills Law,Civil-Commercial Law, Administrative & Public Procurement Law

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