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Our address:
22 Maskit 22 St. (Lumir Building. 3rd floor) Herzliya Pituach, Israel
Tel:  09-9543895
Email: office@shabat-law.co.il

Attorney Oren Shabat (Notary)

Attorney Oren Shabat is a qualified and certified Notary. He provides all notary services. Such services include, inter alia, certifications of translations, authentication of signatures, certifications of copies, formulation of notarized wills, approval of Prenuptial Agreements, in accordance with Art.2C(1) of the Property Relations Between Spouses Act – 1973. Our Firm also provides translation services for the English, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew languages. All our notary and translation services are provided in a most reliable, accurate and professional manner. Among the clients of our Firm, which receive notary services are: large commercial companies, private business clients and individuals, whether from Israel or from overseas.

Translations for the Hebrew, English and Spanish Languages

The following is a list of types of notary services that our Firm provides:

  • Certifications of signatures
  • Certifications of a person signing on behalf of another
  • Certifications of copies
  • Certifications of translations
  • Taking of affidavits and declarations
  • Proof of Living Persons
  • Certifications of the Correctness of Inventories
  • Drafting of negotiable documents
  • Drafting of Notarized Wills
  • Certifications of Pre-nuptial Agreements (in accordance
    with Property Relations Between Spouses Act – 1973.
 Documents that can be translated notarized
Listed below are examples of documents that can be notarized in Spanish, English and Hebrew:

Birth certificates


Certificates issued by the Population Registrar


Death certificates

Powers of attorney

Certifications of citizenships

Land registrar extracts

Certifications of documents denouncing citizenship

Company reports, memorandums and/or Board resolutions

Name change documents

Certificates of incorporations of Companies

Marriage/divorce certificates

Financial reports

Matriculation certificates


Certificates of study/academic degrees

Passports/identity cards

Physician licensing certificates

Business plans

Non-criminal records certificate

Insurance policies

Succession orders

Medical documents


Various licenses

Judicial decisions and rulings

Legal documents


Patent documents

The table listed above is non-exhaustive and if a document that you require does not appear, it is most likely that the document can be translated and notarized – for more details, please click here.

The Process for the preparaion of notarized documents
Our Firm has short, comfortable and clear procedures for receiving a client and preparing the notarized document he/she requires, quickly, efficiently and at law cost. Therefore, immediately with the receipt of your telephone call, you will be asked to send us the required documents and/or your identification documents (depending on the service required). This short process will enable us to complete the technical part of the notary service.

Certification of signatures
Should the service entail a certification of signature, you will be asked to send to us by facsimile or email the required document that needs to be signed, along with copies of the identity cards/passports of the signees on the document. The team at our Firm will prepare the document for signature. This process will substantially shorten your waiting time and enable us to provide the services required in an efficient manner. In reference to certifications regarding documents in a foreign language, you will need to notify us if you understand the language of the document. If you do not understand the language, we will take care of the translation to a language that you do understand. Upon arrival at our Firm for signature, you will need to carry with you the original identity card/passport which will enable us to identify you.

Translations and certifications of translations
Should the service required be a translation or a certification of a translation you will be asked to send us the document that needs to be translated or notary certified  by facsimile or email. Upon receipt of the document we will be able to quote you a price for the required service. We will take care of the translation and certification of the translated document in a quick and efficient manner. You will then be asked to arrive at our Firm with the original document in your possession. The Notary will compare the original document with the copy that was sent to us previously (as aforesaid) and you will be able you get your translated and certified notary document.

Translations can be obtained with the following language combinations:

- Hebrew into English
- English into Hebrew
- English into Spanish
- Spanish into Hebrew
- Hebrew into Spanish
- Spanish into English
- English into Spanish
- Hebrew into Italian
- Italian into Hebrew
- Spanish into Italian
- Italian into Spanish
- Italian into English
- English into Italian

 Apostille services
We also provide quick and low cost Apostille services.

Payment methods
Payments can be made in cash, checks or with credit cards (we accept Visa and Master Card and American Express only) 

 Contact us
In order to contact our Law Firm, to discuss the need for consultation or professional representation, please feel free to contact us at: Telephone number +972(9)9543895 or by Fax number +972(9)9545033. You may also send us an email at: office@shabat-law.co.il.

To obtain more information about our main areas of practice please click here:
Inheritance and Wills Law, Civil-Commercial Law, Administrative and Public Procurement Law.

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